What Value Does Facebook Add These Days?

  1. Pictures. I like to travel, and when I do I like to take pictures, both because I like photography and because I like to have the memories. Facebook is a nice place where I can store, organize, geo-tag, and show my friends and family my pictures of places I’ve gone. It’s also a good way to accumulate pictures of myself, which can be used for memories and dating apps.
  2. Connectivity. I’ve found Facebook to be a good way to connect with old friends and acquaintances whom I perhaps don’t know very well and would like to get to know better. I’ve on a couple of occasions seen on Facebook that an old friend or classmate was moving to the DC area, reached out on Facebook, and created or strengthened a friendship that way.
  3. Expressing Oneself. Anyone who is friends on Facebook with me, or who knows me personally, knows that I am not averse to writing my thoughts on the political events of the day. I like to write serious and funny pieces on the events of the day, as well as on my day to day life. I enjoy making people laugh, and I enjoy sharing my thoughts and observations on things that are important to me.
  4. Learning About Events. As of late, this is where I think I derive the most value from Facebook. Though many events showing up on my feed are extraneous, I’ve discovered some that I really wanted to go to and might not have thought to search for otherwise. The Rosslyn Jazz Festival, an Evening at the Embassy of Kurdistan, the Baltimore Crab Festival, Zoo Lights and bar crawls on Halloween, and a talk by Stacey Abrams are all examples of fun things I’ve found on Facebook that I likely wouldn’t have thought to look for otherwise, or at least not had the time to search for and that is valuable.




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