Highlights of Donald Trump’s Presidency

  1. Response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including ignoring its existence in the early months for fear that responding would harm his re-election chances and turning mask wearing into a culture war issue
  2. Separation of families seeking asylum at the border, including remanding small children to internment camps where they were given a single blanket and no toothbrush
  3. Using tear gas on a crowd of peaceful protestors so that he could walk to a church for a photo-op with a bible
  4. Using taxpayer money to extort a foreign leader into manufacturing dirt on his political opponent
  5. Learning about Russian payments to Taliban militants to kill American soldiers, doing and saying nothing, then claiming the reports were not true and not mentioned to him
  1. Attempts, successful and otherwise, to use the department of justice to protect himself (demanding Sessions’ recusal from the Mueller investigation) and his associates (Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, etc)
  2. Telling four nonwhite congresswomen, all American citizens, to go back to “their countries”, prompting cries of “send her back” at one of his rallies
  3. Referring to neo-nazi marchers in Charlottesville as “very fine people”
  4. Retweeting twitter handle called “white genocide”
  5. Calling for and attempting to implement a ban on Muslims entering the United States
  6. Fiercely defending Confederate flags & monuments in wake of George Floyd protests
  7. Referring to kneeling NFL players as “sons of bitches” who should leave the country
  8. Referring to his critics in the media as “fake news” and “enemies of the people”
  9. Claiming, without evidence, that he would have won the popular vote but for millions of illegal votes cast illegally
  10. Endorsing extreme, dangerous Republican candidates in the primary, such as Roy Moore (AL) and Corey Stewart (VA)
  11. Conjuring up fears of a migrant caravan to shore up support during the 2018 midterms, only to never mention it again after the election
  12. Ardently defending Vladimir Putin at the Helsinki press conference when questioned about Russian interference in the election
  13. Calling for greater levels of police violence against suspects
  14. Pardoning multiple men convicted of war crimes, and then holding a campaign rally with some of them
  15. Looking the other way when Saudi Arabia murdered and dismembered a journalist who lived in America and worked for an American paper




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